Board Members and Contacts


Position First Name Last Name Email
General Manager  Andrew Ward
Facility and Grounds Manager Janice  Gray
Communications and Programming Manager Tessa Allen

Board Members

Position First Name Last Name Email
President Jason Oliver
Past President Dennis Cunningham
Vice-President Dom Lloyd
Treasurer Diane Lee Sousa
Secretary Laura Reimer
Neighbourhood Group Liaison Director May Wady
Renovations and Grants Director Dave Bynski
Events Coordinator Quinn Fletcher
Sports, Recreational, and Leisure Director Shayla Vokey
Building & Grounds Colin Pochailo
Scott Brown

Sport Conveners

Mini Soccer Convener Trish  Faurschou
Youth Soccer Convener vacant
Softball Convener vacant
Baseball Convener Jason Hoeppner
Basketball Convener Kevin Shand
Jackrabbits Hockey Convener Mitch Dion
Jackrabbits Skiing Convener vacant

Members at Large

Dave Temmerman
Dom Marinelli

Associate Member

Jon Gilmore
If you would like to be on the board of directors, Please Contact the president
You would be very welcome!