Riverview Classic 4×4

Raffle Winners

Find out if you’re one of our lucky winners. Check your raffle numbers against the list below, and if you’ve got a winning ticket. Contact us either by email at gm@riverviewcc.ca, or by phone at 204-452-9944 to claim your prize and arrange for pickup.

50/50 draw: 903382


1: 2507

2: 2540

3: 2558

4: 2523


6: 2557

7: 2551

8: 2532

9: 2507

2022 4×4 Classic

Riverview’s 4×4 hockey tournament is returning this year on February 26th. Things are going to be run slightly differently this year, as we scale down the event in respect of public health. The tournament will be a one-day event, with randomly assigned teams, meaning there will be no divisions between age or gender. Games will take place from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm, and the beer garden social will continue on to midnight.


There will be a maximum of ten teams, with eight players per team. Registration is $40 and is open to men and women 18 and up, who are current or former residents of Riverview. Registration includes a free jersey and is due at midnight on February 25th.

Teams will be randomly assigned at the event, meaning there will be no divisions between age or gender.

Registration for the tournament is now open. Register through our Powerup site HERE.


This is a free event open to the community. We will be letting people in on a first come first serve basis and will be capping the entirety of the event at 130 people, up to 80 of whom will be players. Spectators will be given a wristband, and if they leave throughout the day, new spectators spots will open up.

There will only be one entrance to the event, through the front doors of the centre, and the area around the rink will be blocked off to only allow for event spectators and participants.

Inside, the hall will be open to everyone and will feature the beer garden, where we will be selling pizza, and tickets to our 50/50 raffle.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, you can email gm@riverviewcc.ca, or call the community centre at 204-452-9944.

More information will be shared on this page leading up to the event.