Addiction Resources in Manitoba

In the Summer 2021 Riverview Reflector, Christine Dobbs and Lang Watson wrote a personal and touching article featuring the story of their son Adam. They shared the story of his struggle with addiction, and their processing of the loss of his life. They put together this list of addiction resources to help support the community, or any one else who might be in need.

This is not an exhaustive list but is hopefully an article that will educate and connect people who want to learn more, or who need some kind of community support. Let’s open the dialogue about addiction  and what needs be done to improve services.  

I have included in this piece some of the resources that can help you or your loved ones. Although navigating a system is very difficult, it is very important that you take the time now and prepare yourself. Wait lists are a big issue for those trying to access a treatment program.


Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine (RAAM) – 5 clinic sites in Manitoba: (limited hours of operation)
Patients can self refer to a RAAM clinic. RAAM clinics are walk-in clinics for adults (ages 18+) looking to get help with high-risk substance use and addiction.
Call 1-855-662-6605 for more information or visit: 

Moms Stop the Harm (MSTH) is a network of Canadian families impacted by substance-use related harms and deaths. We advocate to change failed drug policies and provide peer support to grieving families and those with loved ones who use or have used substances. 

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM):
Toll free: 1-866-638-2561 
Winnipeg Men’s Services: 204-944-6209
Winnipeg Women’s Services: 204-944-6229
For a listing and contact information for all AFM offices outside of Winnipeg: 

Manitoba Opioid Support & Treatment (MOST) – Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
Winnipeg 204-944-7070 Brandon 204-729-3838 

Nine Circles Community Health Centre, Winnipeg (admission criteria apply for intake into primary care and OAT) circles/
General Line: 204-940-6000; Toll Free: 1-888-305-8647 

Klinic Community Health, Winnipeg (admission criteria apply for intake into primary care and OAT)
Phone: (204) 784-4090 

Behavioral Health Foundation: 204-269-3430 Long term residential treatment

Opiate Assessment Clinic at Health Science Centre
Phone: 204-787-2482 – Withdrawal Management Services – We base our services on a harm reduction philosophy. This means that we support programs and policies that improve the health of people who use drugs and support people in their efforts to keep themselves and the larger community safe, without judging people for their sexual or drug use practices. They have an extensive list of where you can get a Naloxone Kits, for free

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day.. it is a day to remember our loved ones who have gone too soon.  A day to create awareness and educate yourself and others on the perils of addiction.

It is a day to tie a purple ribbon around your tree to show others you do care.