In the Fall, Age Friendly Riverview (AFR) was able to organize three excellent seminars for older adults and others in Riverview, called the CRISP lectures. The first was with Rod Kueneman from Lord Roberts in September on building soil health and using garden space for maximum yield. The second was our City Councillor, Sherri Rollins discussing Age Friendly Winnipeg. The third was local Riverview resident and physiotherapist, Emily Hunter, on Bone Health.  

And then, in December, COVID hit with a vengeance.  Plans for January and February seminars have been postponed until it’s safer for us all to gather.  Watch for posters, Age Friendly Riverview and Riverview Community Centre Facebook pages for new topics and dates.

In the meantime, AFR has hired a student, Madeline Schon, to do more research on the demographics of Riverview.  Gina Sylvestre has been providing support to her and to AFR.

We’d like to share some of the interesting facts. For the complete report, go to our website at

Some of the interesting facts are not surprising, Riverview has more older adults than the rest of Winnipeg.

Riverview Demographics 

Community CharacteristicsCommunity CharacteristicsRiverview %Winnipeg%
Age (2016)(2021)

The above table demonstrates a projection of ages in 2021 based on 2016 census data. There is a larger aging population in Riverview compared to Winnipeg’s population overall. The age bracket of those ages 85+ require greater care and more assistance day to day. This age group would benefit from different services than those of the younger age brackets

Also interesting is the use of active transportation by Riverview Residents.


Community CharacteristicsRiverview %Winnipeg%
Main mode of commuting
Car, truck or van – as a driver67.070.0
Public transit14.514.9
Car, truck or van – as a passenger6.07.4
Other method1.31.0

The percent of people walking and cycling is higher in Riverview compared to Winnipeg, 

demonstrating greater ease or willingness to use modes of active transportation in Riverview.

In spite of the pandemic, we are continuing to look for ways to support older adults to stay in Riverview with the help and support of the caring community in Riverview.  If you have any ideas on programs or services we could provide, please contact us at or call 204-390-6668.

May Wady
Joe Distasio
Beverly Suek
For Age Friendly Riverview.

two seniors walk in the park