This Saturday, July 16th, from 1-3 pm, join us at the Riverview Community Centre for the WRENCH’s Bike Bazaar. Exchange your child’s bike for a bigger one, find a new bike, or get minor repairs done on the bike you already have.

Stop by for:

  • A kid’s bike exchange (free/by donation). The WRENCH will take bikes that children have grown out of and exchange them for a better fit. Discarded bikes will go back to the WRENCH shop for a tune-up and be recycled out to the next Bike Bazaar. Priority is placed on the swap aspect of the event, so the WRENCH will try to accommodate kids with outgrown bikes first. 
  • A kid’s bike giveaway (free/by donation). The WRENCH will provide up to 30 bikes for giveaway to children under the age of eight, as well as helmets, lights and locks.
  • An adult bike sale. The WRENCH will bring lower-priced adult bikes for purchase.
  • A pop-up repair stand for minor repairs by-donation

Note that all WRENCH bikes are made possible through the efforts of WRENCH volunteers who reclaim discarded bikes and parts, and put them back together again, as well as the support of funders.

– Children get to pick out their bikes and parents are discouraged from having any influence on the bike the kid picks. We want kids to be excited about their new bike!  WRENCH staff will make sure the kid is finding a bike that fits them safely. Bikes that are too small are uncomfortable and a bike that is too big is dangerous.

-The WRENCH will also be fitting helmets to the children, if a kid is taking a bike, they also get a helmet. The WRENCH will bring the same amount of helmets as bikes, so folks will not be able to take just a helmet or just a bike so that they don’t run out of one or the other.

-Swap bikes and helmets are free, Sales bikes are a fixed price (no negotiations). Repair stand repairs are by donation/ sliding scale.

Check out the Bike Bazaar on the WRENCH’s own site here,