Board Members and Contacts

Position First Name Last Name Email
General Manager  Andrew Ward
Facility and Grounds Manager Janice  Gray
Communications and Programing Manager Tessa Allen
Board Members
Position First Name Last Name Email
President Jason Oliver
Past President Dennis Cunningham
Vice-President Ben Morrison
Treasurer Diane Lee Sousa
Secretary Julie Strong
Building & Grounds Colin Pochailo
Volunteer Coordinator Marcos Carreiro
Equipment Manager Dave Temmerman
Sponsorship & Partnerships Casey Leonard
Mini Soccer Convener Trish  Faurschou
Youth Soccer Convener Ryan Proulx
Softball Convener Brad  Ewankiw
Baseball Convener Jason Hoeppner
Basketball Convener Kevin Shand
Jackrabbits Hockey Convener Mitch Dion
Hockey Convener Scott Brown
Jackrabbits Skiing Convener Vacant
If you would like to be on the board of directors, Please Contact the president
You would be very welcome!


Name: Jason Oliver
Board Position: President
Riverview Resident Since: 2006
About Me/Quote about Community: I believe it is important to have a active and vibrant community club that creates a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Name: Julie Strong
Board Position: Secretary
Other/Previous Positions Held: RVCC Softball Convener
Years on Board: 3
Riverview Resident Since: 2000
About me/Quote about Community: We fell in love with Riverview the moment we turned off of Osborne and drove down the stunning tree lined streets. It is a beautiful and vibrant community, in large part because of the dedication, passion and care the residents take to make it so. For me personally, volunteering at the club has been a way to pitch in and be a part of keeping Riverview a great place to live.

Name: Jason Hoeppner
Board Position: Baseball Convenor
Other/Previous Positions Held: None
Riverview Resident since: 2004
About Me: I love to walk by the club and see it bustling with activity. In my 12 years in the community I’ve seen definite growth in the various programming offered at Riverview Community Centre. As a board member, I see it as my job to take this great legacy and help it grow further.







Name: Ryan Proulx
Board Position: Youth Soccer Convener
Other/Previous Positions Held: Youth Soccer Convener, Long time soccer coach @ RVCC
Riverview Resident Since: 1993
About me/Quote about Community: I have been a Riverview resident for over 20 years and I am very proud of the community I live in. All you need to do is participate in a few events at the club to see how the community is passionate about everything that we do.