Build the Rink

Building the Future

40 years ago we built our first permanent rink, and this summer, we’re building our second. This new rink will be sledge hockey compatible, with a hard asphalt surface, allowing for sports and activities in the summer, and earlier ice in the winter. 

Once the hard surface has been put in place, we’ll also be adding brand new boards, lights, fencing, and upgraded players boxes. 

Construction is getting ready to start and is planned to continue through July and August, with the brand new rink fully ready for this fall.

Every winter our rinks attract thousands of skaters and are a constant hive of activity. With your help, they can become even more well-loved than ever before. 


Construction on our new rink is finally in full swing. The bottom has been dug one foot deep, the gravel has been laid, 12-foot holes have been dug for the lights, and the asphalt is finished. Next comes the new boards, expanded accessible players box, and lighting, all scheduled to be added before winter hits. 

Supporting the Rink, Supports our Community

Our Goal: $60,000

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive $403,000 in grant funding to support this project from the city and the federal government, but now we need your help.

To fully fund this project, we need to raise $60,000 by the end of September. Expect to see us getting creative this summer, as we find as many ways as possible to call on our community to donate to help support the centre through this project. 

A Proud Legacy

The original community club building was an old donated box car next to the rink. The rink, organized by the club, became the start of the modern facility we have today. The rinks were the first piece of the puzzle, and they continue to be an important gathering place for our community.

For well over 70 years, the club has maintained Riverview’s rich hockey tradition, and that hockey community has helped to maintain the club. For many, skating is a cornerstone of Riverview living, and this new rink will help carry that proud tradition forwards for generations to come. 

Bill Mason’s “After the Game” depicts the centre ca.1950

Beyond Riverview

Fully Accessible

We want our new rink to share the joy of sports with everyone, so we’re taking the extra step of making it sledge hockey compatible. This means making sure that it’s fully accessible, with an accessible, plexiglass players box. 

As one of the few accessible rinks in the city, our rink will be able to serve everyone.


Thanks to the new rink’s asphalt base, summers will be just as busy for our new rink. Along with possibilities for sports like pickleball and roller derby, this newly paved surface will increase our capacity for summer events. 

Farmer’s markets and craft sales can be easily set up outdoors, with possibilities for more creative uses like concerts and parties, or even dog shows becoming options. Those looking to rent with us will be able to host larger outdoor events with us like socials, and we’ll be able to make use of the space for our own events such as the spring carnival. 

These sorts of events also bring in more revenue for the community centre, making it possible for us to continue to expand our offerings of programs and activities to the community, and keep our facility up to date.

The Future of Hockey At Riverview

Every fall, our rink is amongst the first in the city to open, but the new rink’s asphalt base will allow us to flood even earlier.

Once the ice is in, we’ll be able to accommodate not only traditional hockey players, but sledge hockey players as well.

On top of that, in the summer months, hockey enthusiasts can continue to make use of the rink for games like ball hockey, roller hockey, and field hockey. 

Vision for the new rink project
The old temporary rink