This is Oliver and I have had the chance to get to know him over the last few months as he comes into the clubhouse to try his skill on the stuffy claw machines.  I say skill because luck does not provide the numerous successful outcomes Oliver holds in his arms when leaving the building.  He is truly the champion of the claw machine.  But Oliver’s attributes do not stop there.

During the Skate with Santa breakfast, I noticed Oliver walking around with a large shopping bag full of stuffies.  I observed him approaching young people and giving away stuffed toys to any child he came across.  When the bag was empty he left and returned with another full bag.  Now I ask you; Was it the Christmas Spirit of giving that was present at the community club that day? No, I think that it was Oliver’s all-around good nature and spirit of generosity that came to the Santa Breakfast.  In my eyes, his light shone brighter than Santa’s that day.