The Riverview Garage Sales on June 3 were an overwhelming success, bringing in tons of donations by residents, which attracted hundreds of bargain shoppers to the neighbourhood. When the dust had settled, the Riverview Community Centre found that they had drawn in more than $6,400, a record amount for the sales!

Big thank yous to all the donors of merchandise (incl. 50 boxes of goods from the Unitarian Universalist Church), to donors of time and energy, to the private-home garage salers who gave 10% of their take, to our very supportive staff at the RVCC, and to the many shoppers who found treasures at a fraction of their original cost. It required a community effort to make it all work so well, so give yourself a pat on the back for your own participation!

And the benefits don’t stop there!

The leftover goods went to worthy charitable organizations, such as:

Salvation Army, which helps destitute and homeless people;

Centre Flavie-Laurent, which provides free furniture to those in need;

New immigrant refugees from a few different countries;

Grans ‘n More, which sells paintings to help African families;

Siloam Mission received leftover jewellery for their sales event;

The RE Store received a small supply of lighting goods;

Share the Magic collected leftover children’s books for northern Manitoba;

Sport Manitoba & other sports groups got hockey equipment and skates;

And the RVCC picked up a few items for the centre.

Thanks again to all who promoted and participated in this record sale!

River Garage Sales Co-Chairs: Kathy Larson, Cathy Land, Steve Lennon