While we await the return of “real life” and the chance to be part of in-person events, here’s a chance for you to continue to “think global/act local”.

Grands’n’More Winnipeg is part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers-to-Grandmothers Campaign.  Along with about 200 other Canada-wide groups, we work to support African grandmothers caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.

We used to have a “scarf project”, where folks would donate a hand-made scarf to a newly-arrived refugee.  The arrival of COVID halted the various ways we had to promote those donations.   Due to one of our clever members, we have sort-of resumed the scarf project, but, this time, we’re trying on-line donations (thro’ our virtual store), and the scarves go to Bear Clan.  The money – of course – goes to the SLF.  It has been a tough year, especially for folks “living rough”, so scarves are a wonderful help.

So far, we’ve had about $500 worth of scarves donated, and have just received a wonderful influx of new ones on offer.  They are on the store site now, so it’s easy to use your credit card or cheque (or arrange a cash sale with me).  Each scarf is $10.00 to donate.

The store is at  https://grands-n-more-winnipeg.square.site/, and the scarves can be found at https://grands-n-more-winnipeg.square.site/product/scarves-for-donation/266?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=false&category_id=61

It would be great if you could see your way clear to be a “Scarf Donor”.