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HiYa Neighbour!

During the pandemic, which may last for awhile, many people, young and old, are bored, lonely and feel isolated. These times are particularly difficult for older adults who live alone in our neighbourhood.
We are a group of Riverview neighbours and we have an idea.
We call our group Age Friendly Riverview and we have a grant from New Horizons to use to help out older adults in this difficult times. And to have older adults use their skills and knowledge for others in the community.
But we need the help of caring community members.
The plan has three parts.
Part One: We would like to match neighbours who are willing to help with neighbours who are older adults who could use support. However, what we do has to have no direct personal contact – but there are still things we can do.
Could you help an older adult by:
– Shovelling snow
– Getting groceries
– Chatting on the phone once a week
– If they have a computer or cell phone, explaining to them how to them on the phone how to use Facetime, or Zoom, or other media
– Any other ideas?

Part Two: Can you spread the word to others in Riverview? Do you know any older adults and can you let them know they can contact us and we will try and get volunteer support? Call them or drop this information in their mailbox.

Part Three: As older adults ourselves, we believe that older adults are not helpless and have their own talents to share. If you’re over 60 and not wanting to go out much with this pandemic, would you be willing to help out neighbours by:
– Helping a school child with history or English or writing a report by telephone or by Zoom?
– Talking on the phone with a neighbour who’s feeling overwhelmed with caring for kids at home 24/7
– Repairing broken toasters or lamps
– Knitting mitts for people with no home to go too.
– Having a once a week story telling time with a child who has to stay home from school.
– Other ideas?
Are you willing to participate? Riverview has always been a community that cares and supports our neighbours. Can we do more in this difficult time?
Send us your name, contact info and ideas on what you’d be willing to do.
Please call or email Age Friendly Riverview/
Contact: 204 390-6668

Judy Jennings, Joe Distasio, May Wady and Beverly Suek for Age Friendly Riverview
The pandemic has affected us all, but it won’t defeat us!