Reflector Advertising

The following lists the estimated release/delivered by dates and advertising rates for the Riverview Reflector for 2021. There are 4 issues planned for the 2021 year.

IssueArtwork Due DateDelivery Date (approx)
SpringMarch 3rdMarch 26th
SummerJune 18thJuly 2nd
FallJuly 27thAugust 30th
WinterOctober 26thNovember 29th
Ad SizeSingle PurchaseBundle Purchase*
1/4 Page$100$90
1/2 Page$160$140
Full Page$300$230

*Bundle rate applies when pre-paying advertising for more than one Reflector.
Please note: This price does not include GST

Quarter page dimensions = 4.75” (vertically) by 3.65” (horizontally)
Half page dimensions = 4.75” by 7.5”

Editor, Stephanie Nixon,
Advertising, Gerry Beaulieu,
Bugle, Tessa Allen,
GM, Charles Musto,

All payments are to be made by cheque or money order payable to Riverview CommunityCentre, 90 Ashland Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1K6. Please be reminded that payment arrangements must be made for continuation of advertising.