Summertime tends to be pretty slow at the RVCC. As such, it’s been a while since we posted an update but with Phase 4 set to start on July 25, we were due to share some news.. Although things are moving in the right direction, we still don’t have a reopen date – that is, a date we’ll be open to the public. We have remained closed to the public in order to help protect the children who are attending our Summer Camps. It is likely that our reopen date will be tied to what happens with the schools and so we would expect to know more once the Province has announced what the plan is for schools resumption. For now, here is our current update:

  • The playground remains open. Please be mindful that social distancing measures are still in effect. 
  • The City has notified us that the wading pool here will NOT open this Summer. This is due to repairs being required to the slide and surrounding concrete. By the time the City completed the project, there would not be enough time left in the Summer to make opening the pool worthwhile. As such, the decision was made to keep the pool closed for the year.
  • Please note that we are now allowing public bathroom access at the RVCC on Monday – Thursday between 5-8PM only. 
  • The City has extended the active transportation route on Churchill Drive until September 7. 
  • Ashland Ave will be closed for construction between Mabel and Churchill. The construction is expected to last the duration of the Summer. During this time, the RVCC will be accessible by vehicle via Eccles.
  • We are now collecting donations for our annual Garage Sale via contactless drop off. Donations can be delivered to the RVCC on Mondays – Thursdays between 1-8PM. If you have items to donate, simple leave them by the front door during these hours and our staff will collect it. Please note that due to Covid-19, there are new restrictions on what donations are being accepted. Please click HERE for more details.
  • Our Summer Camps are operating and there are limited spots available in all remaining weeks. For more information, click HERE

For any questions or comments, please email

Please click HERE to see more details about the Province of Manitoba’s phased re-opening plan.