With Phase 2 coming into effect on Monday June 1, there has been a lot going on as everyone works to react to the changes. Here are the updates with regards to the Riverview CC:

  • To satisfy the community centre’s accountability to the City and to finalize the club’s financials for 2019, the RVCC is planning to hold a brief AGM on Monday July 6, 2020. As of now, the plan is for it to be virtual but this may change as public health restrictions are eased. More details to come soon.
  • RVCC remains closed to the public. We do not have a reopen date scheduled at this time. We are working to put together our own reopening plan that is safe and meets and/or exceeds public health requirements.
  • The playground remains open. Please be mindful that social distancing measures are still in effect. Also keep in mind that since the RVCC is closed, there is no bathroom access available at this time.
  • Though some spray pads have opened, we have not received information specific to the wading pool here yet.
  • The City is doing the field maintenance this Summer and began their seasonal maintenance this week.
  • We have opened the outdoor courts. Again, please be mindful of social distancing restrictions. We will be putting up the second tennis net next week. A reminder that the RVCC is not responsible for improper use or policing the public health guidelines in these outdoor spaces. If you observe public health violations, you are encouraged to call 311 and report it so that a Community Ambassador may come out and provide education on the public health guidelines.
  • Churchill Drive remains an active transportation route until July 6. This was meant to be a temporary change but councillors are seeking feedback to see if there’s a case to be made to extend these active transportation routes. You can reach Councillor Rollins here. There is also a petition to support the active transportation routes that can be accessed here.
  • Phase 2 is in support of league sports starting up again. Here is an update on the Spring sports offered at the RVCC:
    • The 2020 RVCC Mini Soccer season remains cancelled and there will not be a 2020 season
    • Manitoba Soccer Association’s Return to Play Proposal was approved by Sport MB. Its members are now planning for a 2020 season with a phased approach though we are still waiting for details regarding registration information. Click HERE for more information.
    • Winnipeg South West Youth Softball Association’s Return to Play Proposal was approved and the league is currently reviewing the commitment level from registered families before releasing more details. Click HERE to view the Return to Play Proposal.
    • Manitoba Baseball’s Return to Play Proposal was approved and they are moving forward with a season. A brief registration window is now open for families who did not get to register in March. This is also a drop-out period for families who did register and can no longer participate or do not feel comfortable participating this season. Click HERE to view the Return to Play Proposal and for registration/refund information.
  • We have prepared a program proposal for 2020 Summer Camps and it is currently under review. Safety is our number one priority and we are assessing our ability to meet the public health requirements that are placed on day camps at this time. As part of this evaluation, it would be helpful to know how great the community need for this program is. If you think you would make use of a Summer Camp program at the RVCC, please email gm@riverviewcc.ca

For any questions or comments, please email gm@riverviewcc.ca

Please click HERE to see more details about the Province of Manitoba’s phased re-opening plan.