1 in 3 Winnipeg.
Hey fellow Riverview-ians,
I want to start a campaign about a little “do good”, a little exercise and little Winnipeg nice-ness. As winter has finally decided to join us we can expect to see a bit more snow – what if every third household decided to shovel the public side walk of two neighbours?
We’d only need a few people to get on board and entire blocks would be clear of snow well before the plows came through. The benefit… I see many… a safer sidewalk to stroll on”’… a sense of community…gratitude of those who can not shovel themselves. Research shows (well if I dug a little I could find it), that doing a kind deed for someone else is a very effective way to improve your own emotional state. With gyms closed you might as well get some reps in the old fashion way!
I am only asking that one in three grab a shovel the next time it snows.
Share this with your friends and what ever social media you use. Maybe this will take-off and Riverview and all of Winnipeg will be walk-able all winter.
Thanks and be well.