Skill Share & Repair Cafe

The RVCC Skill Share & Repair Café is a free meeting place that’s all about repairing things (together) and sharing skills and experience! Here, you’ll find friendly volunteers to help you make repairs you need. If they can’t help you on site, they can office advice or referrals. On clothes, furniture, consumer electronics, bicycles, appliances, toys, et cetera.

Here’s how it works. Visitors bring their broken items from home. Together with the specialists they start making their repairs in the Repair Café. It’s an ongoing learning process. If you have nothing to repair, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Or you can lend a hand with someone else’s repair job.

Here’s a list of Partners and Skills offered at this event:

Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-op

Have questions about gardening? Want to know more about permaculture, berry bush propagation, fruit tree pruning, vertical gardening, building healthy soil, using mulch to control weeds/ preserve soil moisture, composting woodchips/lawn waste/leaves, and organic pest control? All gardening questions welcomed!

Saving Audio Recycling & Stereo E-Waste

Consumer electronics repair & consultations
Minor repairs
Advice & referrals on larger repairs
Stereo E-Waste collection
Please leave large items at home but bring make and model information if you would like advice on them.

Age Friendly Riverview

Darning for fixing holes in socks & sweaters
Sewing repairs
Free life advice!

RVCC Volunteers

Handyman advice
General repairs (furniture)
Equipment maintenance
Tool Sharpening