Riverview Softball Tournament Rules

June 8, 2019 

This is a FUN tournament to raise funds for the club 

Be respectful, positive, and HAVE FUN 

• No one other than the ump makes calls. 

• Teams must have 3 females minimum – Batting order of no more than three males in a row.  Everyone is entitled to, and must, bat. 

• Pitch must be an arc between 6-12 feet – pitch must occur from behind the designated pitching line. Any pitch that is not an arc between 6-12 ft will be called a ball. Any pitch that does not have an arc will be called a ball. 

• No sliding 

• Minimum players to start a game is 8 – incl. 3 female or automatic out when missing female reaches batting order 

• Home team occupies third base line bench 

• 5 inning games or capped at 1 hour (whichever comes first). Score reverts to the final complete inning 

• Third strike foul, batter out 

• If a male batter walks on any count, and is followed by a female, he gets second base

• No stealing bases 

• No 1st or 3rd base coaches

• Infield fly rule in effect (batter is out if he/she hits an infield fly fair ball, if less than 2 out and runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded)

• Commitment line -if the runner crosses he/she must go home.  The runner will be called out if he/she touches home plate.  There will be a line drawn at home plate.  If the runner crosses the line without being tagged or before the defensive player tags home plate (in a force situation), the run scores. 

• Male infielders except pitcher must be outside of baselines when female is at bat

• Maximum 5 runs per inning (exception – 5th inning is unlimited) 

• Mercy rule to be applied after 4 innings (or 3 1/2 innings if home team is winning) and a 10  run lead 

• Winning team to report score 



Have we mentioned HAVE FUN! 


• Teams will play two round-robin games 

• 1st place in pool A will play 2nd place in pool B 

• 1st place in pool B will play 2nd place in pool A • The winners will play for the championship in the final game of the day • Consolation game 3rd place pool A will play 3rd place in pool B