Hayley Williams was introduced to pepper jellies by a friend ten or so years ago. When she brought the recipe home, her mother loved it so much that she put her own twist on it, creating the prototype for the product Hayley sells today, a sweet and spicy jelly that can be served with just about anything.
hayley from fancy infusions

Her mother Trudy passed away unexpectedly in 2019, which was a big part of what pushed her this February to start her business, Fancy Infusions Jellyporium. This month, Hayley released a jelly using her mother’s original recipe, called “Trudy’s Pepper Jelly, Recreating Tastes from Heaven.” 

Originally Hayley created her jellies using fruits and vegetables from her garden. Since she always had extra, she started offering it to friends and family. Even now that she has scaled up, her jellies are still gluten-free with no additives.

Even though she launched her business during covid, the reception to her jellies was more than she could have imagined. She was expecting to sell a few jars a week, but even under the tightest covid restrictions, she was selling 50 to 70 jars a day. She creates out of the Riverview Community Centre kitchen, then hauls it all home to sell.

Her goal is to keep ingredients and packaging local, which has been difficult coupled with covid restriction. At the same time, Covid encouraged lots of people to shop local, and that’s part of what helped her succeed.

Fancy Infusions now carries eleven decadent flavours merging spicy peppers and sweet fruits. Diverse flavours like red pepper garlic or pomegranate pepper allow the jellies to be paired with meals or desserts, used as condiments, or used for basting, grilling, and salads.

Hayley hopes that when restrictions lift, she’ll eventually be able to open her own storefront, where she can sell and prepare her jelly. 

As a self-described ‘serial entrepreneur,’ in the past, Hayley started a clothing line through social media and is now helping her sons, 13 and 23, start their own online businesses. On top of all that, she and her husband own Trevor’s No Frills. 

She runs her business with the help of her husband and calls it a labour of love. She fills every role from production manager to label maker, and that’s why she loves it. Creating infused jellies is Hayley’s way to show people a new way of eating. 

Hayley’s jellies are sold through the Fancy Infusions Facebook page to individuals, while larger batches are sold to restaurants and other businesses.

They’re also featured in the charcuterie boards of local businesses like Peckish Winnipeg.

Orders can be placed with Fancy Infusions Jellyporium through their Facebook page HERE, through direct message.

trudy's pepper jelly
pepper jelly on meat