Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-op (SSOCC)
Canada Summer Jobs | Orchard Worker Job Summary

What is SSOCC?
SSOCC develops and supports local activities and education related to sustainable local food systems and community sustainability. Since 2009, volunteers, residents and summer students have developed several sites into garden spaces. We grow food using the permaculture principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

What do we do?
Volunteers tend the gardens for a share of the harvest, with the help and guidance of garden stewards. Together, we have the capacity to harvest thousands of pounds of food and share the abundance with family, friends and residents in need. We strive to create a culture of sustainability and resilience in our neighbourhood through education, urban permaculture and community-based projects. Our main activities include building and maintaining community gardens and orchards. At least one third of our harvest is donated to local food banks.

The successful applicant will be working at 3 community garden sites, a fruit orchard and a native berry garden in the South Osborne area.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
Planting/pruning fruit trees and shrubs
Weeding and watering community gardens and orchard
Mowing grass
Banding and grafting trees
Harvesting produce

During your placement you will learn…
Teamwork – the skills needed to interact with other people. At work, people work with others in pairs and in small and large groups to coordinate tasks, share resources, etc.
Communication – the skills needed to exchange thoughts and information with other people. This exchange can happen orally by speaking, listening and using non-verbal cues, such as body language or in writing.
Leadership – several skills, including communication, relationship building, and the ability to delegate and traits such as honesty. Leadership skills are required when working in a team, demonstrating initiative, and taking responsibility for the completion of tasks.

We will provide…
Job-specific training
Work instructions and tasks
Evaluation of work

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