The Kingston Crescent Residents’ Association (KCRA) hopes to see public art, micro-parks, and interpretive panels included in the plans to retrofit the St. Vital Bridge.

The bridge’s east sidewalk has been closed to accommodate a temporarily rerouted sewer pipe for almost two years now. In addition to fixing the pipe, the city plans to retrofit the 55-year-old bridge.

st vital bridge sunset
The KCRA has written a letter to several public officials requesting to have the planned retrofit include public art, micro-parks, and interpretive panels. It’s their understanding that the project will be completed in 2024.

In the coming months, the city will release a request for proposal, which will include further details about the retrofit and garner stakeholder engagement. The KCRA hopes that when the $46 million project begins, the city will consider their suggestions.

The Osborne, Disraeli, and Provencher bridge upgrades all included public art installations. The KCRA would like the same for the St. Vital Bridge, with the selection juried by the Winnipeg Arts Council.

On either side of Dunkirk Drive on the bridge’s south side, sidewalks loop down to Kingston Row. In the middle of these loops are a few trees, and on one side, some beat-up benches and a crumbling cement pond. The KCRA would like these spaces upgraded to include native plants, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs, and trees to attract bees and birds, along with limestone paths and new benches.

The KCRA was established a couple of years ago to represent residents of Kingston Crescent, Kingston Row, Oakcrest Place, Norfolk Avenue, and Dunkirk Place. They’ve already succeeded in securing funding for 80 new trees and two interpretive panels in Kingston Park.

The panels will detail the history of the flood of 1950 and the death of a young volunteer fighting the flood, Lawson Ogg. They’re set to be unveiled in September with the hope of adding more panels over time. The KCRA envisions a historic walking tour along Kingston Crescent where people crossing over from the Bridge Drive-In can learn about their community.

pipes over st. vital bridge sidewalk
The KCRA would like two interpretive panels included in the bridge project. The panels would describe the history of the St. Vital bridge and its predecessor, the old pontoon bridge.

City Councillors Sherri Rollins and Brian Mayes responded to the KCRA’s letter with strong support for the art project, and the Director of Public Works responded to let them know about the upcoming request for proposal.

cement pond and broken bench
st vital bridge