This fall as we worked on much-needed repairs to our rinks, we launched our ‘Save the Rink’ sweater fundraising campaign. We were able to sell 80 hoodies and crewnecks which raised about $1800 for the community centre, and with another 35 being sold in the canteen, we’ll raise another $1000 before long.

Thank you to everyone who helped support the rinks by purchasing a sweater, and thank you to Rosalinda Pallone for submitting the winning artwork to our design contest. With the help of We Heart Winnipeg producing the sweaters, and accepting orders through their site, the whole project went off without a hitch and the sweaters turned out fantastic.

Keep a lookout this spring for another Riverview merch campaign, and we look forward to seeing many of you stop by over the holidays to enjoy the ice in your new favourite sweater.