By Carol Thiessen, Trees Riverview

Trees Riverview is pleased to announce that Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) has donated $12,500 to help re-green our community. We anticipate that the ACU funds will cover the planting and maintaining of approximately 25 boulevard trees on Arnold Avenue, a street that has lost a large number of trees in recent years. These trees will be planted later this year.

This donation comes in addition to a previous grant from the City of Winnipeg, which will enable the planting of approximately 30 boulevard trees on Baltimore Road. They are also in addition to the trees the City of Winnipeg will plant in our neighbourhood as part of their annual tree replacement program.

Many thanks to Assiniboine Credit Union for their generous support to help regenerate Riverview’s beautiful tree canopy!

Tree map

If walking through our neighbourhood hasn’t painted a bleak enough picture of tree loss, Riverview residents Jeff Palmer and Matthew Lawrence (with some support from others) spent many hours last summer and fall mapping trees in the community. Please see the accompanying map: the black dots indicate missing trees; the red dots indicate trees slated for removal (at the time). 

lost trees map

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