Trees Riverview Planting

Spring is always a time of new life as plants unfurl and trees leaf out in multiple shades of green. That is especially true this spring in Riverview, as the public boulevards are alive with tree planting. 

In late April, Trees Riverview oversaw the planting of 55 trees on Baltimore Road and Arnold Avenue in Riverview. The chosen contractor, Green Drop, planted a mixed species of trees, including Linden, Triumph Elm, Hackberry, and Navigator Pear, for better disease and pest resistance. Green Drop will maintain and water the trees for two years.

Trees Riverview received a total of $27,000 in funding from the City of Winnipeg’s Land Dedication Reserve Fund (Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry Ward allocation) and from Assiniboine Credit Union for this public tree canopy project.

Arnold ave new trees

New Trees on Arnold Avenue

City Planting

The City of Winnipeg was also actively planting trees in Riverview at the end of May, making a substantial investment in regreening Riverview. More than 160 mixed species trees were planted, including approximately 50 on Montgomery Ave, 38 on Churchill Drive, and 32 on Wavell Ave. Other streets, such as Morley Ave, Oakwood Ave and Maplewood Ave also saw new trees.

Commemorative Tree Planting

If you love trees and want a special way to honour a beloved family member or a special occasion, the City of Winnipeg is offering a Commemorative Tree Program.

For $1000 (with approximately three-quarters of that eligible for a charitable tax receipt) the City will plant and care for the tree for two years (and guarantee it for the first two years). Donors and family members can be present at the time of tree planting.  No plaques or markers are allowed but participants will receive a certificate, and the reason for commemoration will be recorded in the city’s tree inventory.   

Churchill Drive is listed as one of five park areas available for multiple tree plantings, but any proposed park or public space could be approved by the City’s Urban Forestry Branch. 

You can find out more (including application) here:

Beaver Update

Trees Riverview had been planning to partner with the City’s Naturalist Services Branch for a volunteer tree wrapping and beaver educational event along the Churchill Parkway in early May. That has been put on hold with tighter public health restrictions/delays in getting necessary approvals.

However, if you’ve noticed wire encasing trees by the river, that’s thanks to summer students working with the City’s Naturalist Services Branch. 

State of the Urban Forest

The City of Winnipeg recently released a report on the current state of Winnipeg’s urban forest. You can find the full report or a shorter summary on the project webpage

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trees riverview planting group

From left to right: Dennis Cunningham, Assiniboine Credit Union; May Wady and Wendy Botkin (co-chairs, Trees Riverview), and Sherri Rollins, City Councillor Fort-Rouge, East Fort Garry