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Hello all!

Wild Winnipeg is a funded research project based out of the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba that aims to document the interaction of people and animals in the urban and suburban woodlands of Winnipeg.

The project includes a network of ten wildlife camera traps located in the woods and thickets of Winnipeg to document the diversity and activity of urban animals, and a web site (www.wildwinnipeg.org) for dissemination of project outcomes and public engagement. In the near future, we will begin to produce data visualizations, synthesizing information concerning these urban animals, drawing from our archive of over 700,000 photos. Some of you have likely already seen our cameras stationed in the Riverview area!

We are currently inviting the participation of Winnipeg residents in documenting the wild animals in their neighborhood. We have set up a web form on the project website for community residents to upload images of animals seen in their neighborhood or on walks around the city, where responses will then be posted on the website. (https://www.wildwinnipeg.org/participate)

The project has received research ethics approval from the Joint-Faculty Research Ethics Board at the University of Manitoba.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Wild Winnipeg team.