A new scavenger hunt has appeared along the river trails. The winter-themed items are hidden along the riverside pathways starting at the canoe club and ending at Jubilee.

Kristin Shiach started the project as a way for the grade 10 to 12 students in her leadership class at Fort Richmond Collegiate to get some volunteer hours.

The leadership program has 65 students who take lessons on leadership topics and choose volunteer activities.

The project resulted in a handful of scavenger hunts hidden across the city. Kristin made a copy of one of them and spent four hours setting it up in Riverview.

There are thirty items, which should all be visible from the path. They’re about the size of a quarter sheet of paper and use cartoon-like images.

She was inspired by the spring scavenger hunts, which she calls a ‘lifesaver.’ They helped keep her young kids busy during the initial lockdown.

This scavenger hunt has arrived just in time for the holidays, and there will no doubt be many more families who will find it to be a lifesaver as well.

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