Riverview Community Centre

Committee Call Up

If you have a desire to volunteer and help organize fun events or provide support in the Riverview community, the Community Call Up is looking for you!

We know many of you are looking to give back but don’t have time to commit to a board or formal volunteer position. The Community Call Up initiative aims to bridge that gap and provide an opportunity for local residents to help in the planning of the community events you are most interested in!

There are four key event committees being set up including, Sporting Event, Social Event, Games Event and Community Support. By participating in a committee, you can decide how you want to participate; provide assistance to the event organizers or help lead the event! In addition, there is no obligation to support every event that is led by the committee. You are free to choose to participate or skip any specific event based on your availability and interest. By completing the form below, you will simply have the opportunity to get involved when and where it works for you. 

Committees that need you:

  • Sporting Event Committe: Fall Pickleball/Bocce Tournament – Sept, Hockey 4×4 Hockey Tournament – Jan 24/25, Grey Hares Women’s Hockey Tournament – Jan 26, Frost Bite Run – Jan 19, Slow Pitch Tournament – June 8, Spring Pickleball Tournament – June 8, Sport Equipment Swap – Spring,
  • Social Event Committee: Fall Supper – Oct 19, Spring Carnival – June 7, Winterfest – January, Breakfast With Santa – Dec 8, Kids Dances – Fall/Spring, Epic Parent Party Social – Fall
  • Games Event Committee: Crib Tournament – May 11, Puzzle Party – March, Trivia Nights – Fall/Spring, Pokemon Night – Winter/Spring, Lego Swap – Spring
  • Community/Board Support Committee: Policy/Strategic planning, Reflector Contributor – Newsletter – Fall and Spring, Garage Sale – June 1, Fundraising Drive – Sept 21/22

Join us in making a meaningful impact on our community by signing up for a committee and contributing your ideas and energy to these exciting community events!

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