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Browse our selection of rental spaces in the sidebar. We have spaces suited for every type of event. To rent on an ongoing basis, please contact us at gm@riverviewcc.ca

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Our facility has a small parking lot, and ample street parking. If you’re looking for other things to do outdoors before or after your event, we also have a playground, wading pool, outdoor ice rinks, and a large field. 

Before you Book

Take a look at our rental calendar to confirm that the date you’re requesting is available before submitting your rental request form.


If you’re looking to rent for a social, we’d love to discuss how we can best accommodate you. Please email gm@riverviewcc.ca before submitting your rental request form for your social.

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**Please note**
Review current availability of rental spaces by visiting the posts and calendars below. Check that that your requested time is available prior to booking your event.
If you have any questions you can call us at 204-452-9944 or email rentals@riverviewcc.ca

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