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Every winter our rinks attract thousands of skaters. Be a part of each new first skate, hockey faceoff, and summer field day.

We have one standard permanent outdoor rink and one brand new second rink that includes a hard asphalt surface, which means it can be used year-round for events and activities like farmer’s markets, pickleball, ball hockey, roller derby, and much more. By choosing to support us, your purchase will include two signs, one on each side of the Zamboni garage, which will stay up until October 1st. Each side of the garage is directly adjacent to one of our two rinks.

These signs will be visible during all of our hockey tournaments, and our spring carnival, which takes place in and around the rinks.

Riverview has a rich hockey tradition. For over 70 years, the club has maintained that tradition with its two outdoor hockey rinks which are very well used by the community every day the weather allows. 

Volunteers flood and maintain the ice each winter. Every year is a race to see who gets their ice in first and we always finish near the top – a distinction that brings a lot of pride to the neighbourhood. 

In the spring, summer, and fall, the rink facing Eccles Street is used as a popular, unofficial off-leash dog park, and is home to some of the key attractions of the Spring Carnival. With the completion of our new rink on the other side of the garage, we anticipate lots of exciting new events taking place on its new hard surface all year long. 

Show the community that you support this important cornerstone of winter Riverview living.

Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page to apply to advertise with our rinks. If you need help with your design, we’ll put it together for you, we’ll just need your logo, message, and anything else you’d like included. 

Spots are limited, and priority is given to repeat advertisers. Once you’ve submitted your form, we will reach out to you to discuss available options at that time. These signs will be printed on 1/2″ plywood. If your sign becomes damaged over the course of the year, you will have the option to repurchase a new sign at any time. We are happy to accept new advertisers all year, but those signs will still only stay up until October 1st. 

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Review current availability of rental spaces by visiting the posts and calendars below. Check that that your requested time is available prior to booking your event.
If you have any questions you can call us at 204-452-9944 or email rentals@riverviewcc.ca

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