Kitchen Rentals

Our commercial kitchen is available for rent for your one-off needs, and ongoing use for small businesses for $25 an hour.

If you’re a small business looking for space to create, we offer rentals on an ongoing basis, but there are a few things you’ll need first:

  • A business license
  • Commercial liability insurance
  • At least 1/4 of those in the kitchen will need their Food Handlers Training Certificate
  • A Permit to Operate a Food Service Establishment, specific to our location

If you’re interested in renting with us as a business, contact us at to discuss details.

If you’re interested in renting with us as an individual, contact us at

You can see a complete list of our equipment and additional photos by clicking the button to the right.

The kitchen rental agreement form is included for informational purposes, you will need to contact us to discuss your rental first before submitting the form.