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Find community groups organizing to make our community a better place, and groups that meet regularly like clubs, exercise groups, or classes. This is a hub where people can get more involved with their community, or see some of the great things happening here in Riverview. 

If you have a community group you’d like added, or are an organizer for one of the community groups listed below and would like to make changes to your group’s info, please reach out by sending an email to bugle@riverviewcc.ca Our definition of what defines a community group is very broad, so if you’re unsure if your group or organization qualifies, feel free to reach out.

Trees Riverview

Trees Riverview was formed in the spring of 2019 by some concerned residents to address the threat to our community tree canopy. Over the past several years they have worked together to secure tens of thousands of dollars to plant new trees in Riverview. Further efforts have included initiatives such as working with the city and volunteers to wrap trees to protect them from beaver damage and supporting local individuals throughout the process of donating to plant commemorative trees. In the fall of 2022, the group was able to help with the planting of 44 new trees and in the spring of 2021, they organized the planting of 55. 

If you’d like to get involved with the organization or donate to have additional trees planted, please contact Trees Riverview:


Friends of Fisher Park

Friends of Fisher Park is best known for their annual fall park cleanup, but they do further work behind the scenes to ensure that the park is kept in good shape, like advocating for important park maintenance like regular hedge trimming.

Friends of Fisher Park on Facebook

We Are Rougers

We Are Rougers is a Facebook Group for Fort Rougers new and old to connect with the present community and reminisce about their shared history. The core group that started it all organizes big fundraising events twice a year to support local community organizations. Anyone with a Fort Rouge connection is welcome to join the Facebook Group, and support and connect with the community by coming to the annual winter social, or summer golf tournament.

We Are Rougers on Facebook

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