Riverview Community Centre

Dance Cardio Class

Dance Jam is a dance based cardio class that will increase your heart rate while having fun! 

About Chelsea 

It has been her wildest dream to both create and bring to life this dance cardio program. Why? Because she believes in the healing power of movement, period. Staying youthful is all about how we feel from the inside out and as a lifetime dancer and dance teacher she recognizes that dance not only brings people together, but has the power to release emotion and more importantly feel good endorphins that last long after you hit the dance floor. 

Through her journey she has learned that it is her utmost joy to bring both dance and fitness together for EVERYONE and it is her goal to create a community who grooves together, sweats together and has fun together. 

This year, let’s redefine fitness! 

Lunch time fitness class
Thursdays 12:15-1:00 pm with Chelsea

$10 drop-in available until June 13th

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