Do you like art? Need more? Over the last 5 months, Riverview residents Jean Altemeyer and Beverly Suek have joined up with over 50 Grandmothers from across Winnipeg to collect art from donors to sell on October 2. The sale is in support of African grandmothers who, because of the AIDs epidemic in Africa, are caring for their grandchildren who lost their parents to this terrible disease.
There has been a tremendous response from Winnipeggers, who have donated over 1900 pieces of art, knowing that the funds raised will go directly to projects that support grandmothers in Africa through the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
The giant sale of donated art will take place on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2. Most pieces will be priced between $15 – 50.00, but there are bargains at the $5.00 level, or special items at $500+.
Come and join Jean and Bev and view the tremendous variety of choices of art for sale on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, at St. Vital Shopping Centre (Centre Court) from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.
For more information, view our website at

art from the attic poster