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Riverview – 85 Years in Riverview – by Ed Taylor

The Riverview Community Centre would like to publish history and stories about the history of Riverview.

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Memories are made of this – What it was like to grow up in the fifties – by Melinda McCracken
: this short book contains a good history of Riverview from its very beginnings, not just from the 1950s.

Memories of Riverview Community Centre, the 1950s – by Wayne Stewart

Read here about the history of Elm Park:

Riverview Streets history

ChurchillCreated in 1942.  After Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874 – 1965), British statesman and author; Prime Minister, 1940 – 1945 and 1951 – 1955; Nobel Prize winner for literature, 1953.  Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names.

Wavell – Created in 1948.  Archibald Percival, 1st Earl of Wavell (1883-1950), British field marshal; viceroy of India, 1943-47; commander-in-chief, Middle East, WWII, 1939-41.  Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names.

Montgomery – Created in 1948.  Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (1887-?); British field marshall, World War II, deputy supreme command, NATO, 1951.  Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names.

Clare – Created in 1904.  Clare – after the grandfather of W.S. Lang.  Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names.

Balfour – Created in 1904.  Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930), British Prime Minister, 1902-1905, author of Balfour Declaration.  (Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names)

Ashland – Created in 1904.  A small city along the southern shore of Lake Superior.  (Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names)

Baltimore – Created in 1927.  Formerly Florence Street.  (Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names)

Oakwood – Created in 1904.

Maplewood – Created in 1904.

Bartlet – Created in 1904.  Probably after J.W. Bartlett, who came to Winnipeg in 1890 to become the western manager of the “Farmer’s Advocate” leaving a year later to become the chief clerk of the Manitoba Department of Agriculture.

Morley – Created in 1882 by Plan No. 249.  Lieutenant Colonel Morley commanded the 144th battalion, 90th regiment (now Royal Winnipeg Rifles), World War I.  Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names.

Arnold – Created in 1913.  Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) an English writer of the Victorian era.  (Source:  Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names)

Brandon – Created in 1913.  Formerly Weatherdon Avenue.  Perhaps after Brandon, Manitoba (many streets are named after Manitoba locations.)

Togo – No History

Fort Rouge Through The Years – A Souvenir Booklet – 1974