Riverview Community Centre

Sept. 21 + 22: Fund Drive

Level Up the Lobby

Every year, our dedicated volunteers take to the streets of Riverview to canvass for the community center. These crucial funds drive the growth of our club and support essential improvements, such as upgrading facilities, purchasing new equipment, and providing valuable programs for all age groups. The contributions also enable us to organize community events and maintain the upkeep of our beloved center. Without these funds, many of our initiatives and activities would not be possible, making the annual canvassing effort vital to our mission of fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

This year, the funds we canvass will be directed towards the much-needed renewal of our lobby. We plan to replace windows and lighting to improve energy efficiency, and we will begin creating a new multi-purpose area. This new space will be utilized for fitness classes and other programming, and it will offer a larger gathering area for birthdays, showers, and other celebrations.

Join us in the continued improvement of our beloved community center. Together, we can create a vibrant, welcoming space that serves everyone in Riverview. Your support and participation are vital to our success and the enrichment of our community. We encourage you to volunteer for our annual fund drive and be a part of this exciting transformation. Your efforts will make a lasting impact!

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