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Legacy tree planting in Lord Roberts

On May 17, we planted the 8 legacy trees funded by our Tree Canada grant. 

Three Lord Roberts playgrounds now have more native trees. These, in time, will provide much-needed shade as well as important habitat. 

Visit these trees at Ted Jones Park, Taft/Stinson Park and Hethrington’s Will & Jeanine Richard Park. You’ll find Delta Hackberry, Burr Oak and Silver Maple.

Special guest City Councillor Rollins explained to the children how to respect trees. She also lent each child her garden gloves and taught them how to pat down the mulch.

Nick Wagstaff, the Arborist explained what the children’s pet earthworms needed and answered dozens of tree questions.

This particular Tree Canada fund sponsor was Fed-Ex. Two energetic representatives (in purple) joined the planting in all the playgrounds.

All photos courtesy Councilor Rollins.


✓ Winnipeg’s Parks Department and its Urban Forestry Branch were very generous with their expertise in facilitating this planting.

✓ The Arborist was from Above & Below Tree Care. This company will care for the trees for the next two years.

✓ Many thanks to the Lord Roberts DayCare for bringing children to help with the planting. 

✓ Much gratitude also to the Lord Roberts Community Centre for its investment in the large playground on Kylemore Avenue.

SORG plans for more trees to come in all Lord Roberts’ parks and playgrounds. 

Our Five-Year Reforestation Plan also includes replacing stumps with new native trees on all Lord Roberts’ boulevards. 

Trees Riverview has similar plans for their community, as is the Kingston Crescent Residents Association for theirs.

If anyone would like to help with our next phase, do let us know!


In the past decade, this small neighbourhood has lost about 500 mature trees to infill, new bus barns and disease. 

Before that, Lord Roberts had the least amount of greenspace in town (according to City statistics).

SORG’s 2023-2024 initiatives include:

– suggesting plans to rejuvenate Elva Fletcher Park at the corner of Osborne Street and Jubilee Avenue

– initiating plans to remove invasive buckthorn hedges from McKittrick Park at 790 Rathgar Avenue

– inventorying stumps on all streets and avenues

– inventorying tree cover in parks and playgrounds

– creating tree site plans for parks

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