Riverview Community Centre

Grey Hares Hockey

Now includes Power Skating Lessons!

This year Grey Hares has partnered with CompetitivEdge, who specialize in power skating instruction.  

Are you new to hockey, new to skating, want to improve your skating or hockey skills, or just want to have fun? Join the Grey Hares at RVCC!

This program is aimed at women 18 years of age and over interested in learning hockey skills, improving their skate skills, and having fun.

Full equipment is suggested, but at minimum all skaters must have a hockey helmet, skates, a hockey stick, and gloves, plus a white and dark jersey.

Cost is $100.00 

Children (12 and over), teens, or adults who need extra goalie practice and are willing to come out and play with Grey Hares – let us know. GOALIES PLAY FOR FREE. (minimum age for goalies is 12)

Sessions are held outdoors on Tuesday evenings from 8 to 9pm.

Sessions include:

  • a half hour power skating session led by one of CompetitivEdge’s trained coaches, and
  • a half hour of scrimmage/play time 

Start date: Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 at 8 pm (earlier if we have permanent ice).

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